Winifred Sanderson, commonly referred to as Winnie, is the main antagonist of the film. She is known for her very quotable lines. She is portrayed by Bette Midler, who previously voiced Georgette in the 1988 Disney animated film Oliver and Company

Film appearanceEdit

Her first appearance is at the cottage where she is making a potion for Emily, Thackery's younger sister. She takes part in a spell that transforms Thackery into a cat. She, along with her siblings are punished for their crimes. In 1993, Max Dennison, a newcoming Salem resident, brought her and her sisters back to life. He makes sure that Dani, his younger sister, doesn’t fall into their grasp. At a halloween party, she performs "I Put a Spell on You". Shortly afterwards, she heads to a high school, where she is locked in a furnace, but thanks to the immortality spell, she survives and escapes. At the end of the film, Winnie turns into a statue and explodes into a green glitter, therefore putting an end to her return.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Witchcraft: Winnie has the ability to make potions and cast spells as a result of having this power


  • "Come, we fly"


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