Max Dennison is the protagonist of Hocus Pocus, while he is the protagonist, he isn’t the main characters, the main characters are instead the Sandersons.

Role in the filmEdit

He is the main protagonist of the film. He first appears as a transfer student from California. Upon arriving at the Sanderson cottage, he accidentally brings them back. Realizing what their plan is, he attempts to defeat them, he is partially successful by locking them in the furnace of his high school, however because of their immortality spell, they eventually escape and decide to take his sister to their cottage, he arrives there to save her. He finds his way to a cemetery where he decides to take the potion to save his sister. He defeats Winifred by sending her falling onto the grass, this causes her to turn into a statue and explode into green glitter. He eventually returns with Dani and Allison.

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